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Semalt Don't Want You To Cry! 4 Compelling Tips To Protect Your System From Ransomware

The world is facing a serious ransomware today that is causing a lot of financial damage to Windows Operating Systems. The virus known as WannaCry is associated with 75,000 PC infections all over the world. It holds victims target of ransom by using asymmetric encryption. The attackers generate unique keys that are made available only after the settlement of the demands.

News on cyber security indicates that it is possible to secure the digital data from this destructive ransomware, but the leading expert from Semalt, Oliver King, specifies some steps to avoid scammers.

1. Be On The Look Out
WanaCry, just like many ransomware penetrates the user system as well as through the 'spray-n-pray' pinching attack to find their way into the computer system. The 'spray-n-pray' mechanism involves the malicious attachment of the ransomware in spamming emails. The clicking of displayed URLs allows the waiting ransomware to penetrate and victimize the computer.

The threats posed by ransomware is enormous and growing every day. Individuals and organizations using the internet need to be on the lookout. Links and downloaded files might contain threatening malware such as WannaCry ransomware.

2. Back Up The Content
Backup secures ransomware held information on computers. Storing the content in multiple storage devices can provide damage of information from the infectious malware. The choice of storage devices to use for back up must consider their safety from virus attacks as cloud storage is usually vulnerable as well.

3. Don't Pay Ransom
Ransomware is not reliable to negotiations. Paying ransom to the hackers increases their possibility to strike back again next time, or they may fail to release the data even after the settlement of payment. Ransomware may come back for more ransom values if the victim gives in to the demand.

4. Install Antivirus Software
Antivirus software assists in scanning for malware to wipe and clean the system and secure it from attacks from ransomware. While paid security software provides real-time protection to the computer, a trial version is useful when just in need of a mechanism to clean up the system that has ransomware infection. However, a paid version may facilitate monitoring and removal of the malware even without the intervention of the user.

A hacker group known as Shadow Brokers released information about the ransomware. According to their communication, WannaCry also known as Wcry or Wanna has a relation with the zero-day exploit of the National Security Agency. It has adopted multilingual ability to attack various materials located in many different countries in Spain, UK, and Germany where it attacks public facilities such as the hospital, banks, and telecommunication data bases demanding ransom between $300 and $600. Beware.

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